Zaineb Mahdi

Zaineb Mahdi

Assistant Headteacher for Innovation, Wellington cluster lead for Innovation

I joined GEMS Wellington International School in August 2017 as a Computer Science teacher. I then progressed to Head of Computer Science, as well as the Wellington cluster lead of Innovation. I am entering my 9th year in Dubai and hoping for many more! Each year in the UAE has brought me exciting opportunities in my personal and work life.

I started my career at a fantastic school in East London, England, in 2009. I enjoyed the creativity of teaching and loved exploring new classroom experiences to get the best out of our students. During my career, my passion for Computer Science grew as I delved into the world of coding and robotics. At WIS, we have a huge community of students who are interested in AI, Data Science, Robotics, Coding, and Cryptocurrency. Student leadership is a huge strength at WIS, and I have enjoyed watching our students grow their ideas from planning to pitch/prototype. We have an excellent cohort of student entrepreneurs and we are looking forward to supporting many more!

I love sharing my passion with others and enjoy networking with other educators around the world. I have featured on a few YouTube series, as well as spoken at the Middle East School Leadership conference in March 2022. I am also speaking at the Edx Conference in Abu Dhabi this year as well as the MENA Smart Campus Summit 2022.

I am looking forward to driving innovation across our cluster of schools in UAE and Qatar, as well as at WIS. Look out for more exciting internship, entrepreneurship, and leadership opportunities!

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