Themes of innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship are woven across the WIS curriculum. Through the Global Innovation Challenge, our Year 5, 6, 8 and 9 students explored how exponential technologies could be applied to solve global grand challenges and in teams created prototype inventions.

We provide opportunities for our students to apply their knowledge and skills to create real world solutions. With exciting lines of inquiry facilitated by class teachers, students are encouraged to use their own sense of agency to drive their projects as far as they can within the exciting context of Dubai and the UAE.

We have continued our work with UNESCO this year, by embedding the Sustainable Development Goals into our curriculum throughout the school. We have also formed an exciting and forward thinking student and staff eco-team, which is leading on sustainability throughout all phases of the school. We have been awarded with the eduCCate Global Bronze Award for our work around climate change and strive to become a Silver Award school next year.