Uniform of WIS

Uniform Guide

POST 16 Uniform – Years 12 and 13

Black, dark navy or grey smart suit with full length trousers to be worn with a white shirt.

Additional Uniform Guidance for all students

Shirts   Boys: shirts should be tucked in and top button fastened
Girls: tailored shirts may be worn over trousers unless they are long
Skirts Below the knee or worn with tights
Trousers Must be full length Optional item – plain black belt
Socks Boys: Plain black or navy
Girls: Plain navy or white socks, navy tights
Shoes Smart formal plain black leather closed toe shoes - No trainers/casual shoes
PE Uniform

WIS Leggings may be worn UNDERNEATH the shorts. Hat and water bottle must be taken to every PE lesson

Hair Tied back and off the face. Discreet black, white or dark navy hair accessories. All hair must be of natural colour, no less than Grade 2 cut. No extreme hairstyles/cuts/hair sculpture.
Jewellery The only permitted jewellery items are: a watch, discrete religious jewellery and 1 small stud earring in the lobe of each ear. No other body or face piercing is permitted. Tattoos are not permitted
Make Up/ Nail Varnish Nail varnish is not permitted. Make up is not permitted until Year 12/13 where, if worn it must be discrete.
Facial Hair Only for religious reasons
Religious Coverings Head coverings - plain black, white or navy blue

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