Colin Scicluna

Head of Year 8

I am now in my seventh year at GEMS Wellington International School and my sixteenth year in Dubai. I have had the honour of being a teacher for over twenty-four years now and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Over the years I have mainly been an English teacher but have always nurtured a passion for supporting students in learning outside the classroom through extra-curricular events and student led clubs. Some examples include working with the English Council where we promoted reading to our student body and the creation of WISH, our philanthropic club. In both instances I saw our students pave the way and create opportunities for their peers. As a result, I am a great believer in the capabilities of our students and never hesitate to put my trust in their energy and creativity.

As Head of Year 8 I hope to continue to stimulate our wonderful student body to take risks and try new things in the effort to find their true passion. I am very proud of the values of our school and hope to make them an integral part of the principles of our students.

We are very lucky to have such a vibrant community in what is a fast-paced environment. As Benjamin Franklin said, ‘early to bed and early to rise makes us strong healthy and wise’. I look forward to many fun filled and productive days with our wonderful Year 8’s this year.


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