Alex Harrison

Head of IB Strategy and Partnerships

As Head of Upper School I’m delighted to lead our outstanding students in Years 10-13. Our GCSE and IB results are world class and I consider it an honour to oversee our students through their Upper School Journey. I am a School Site Visitor, Consultant for global IB Schools and have developed 4 courses of Global PD for the IB including the Leading the Learning workshops at Category 1 & 2, which will enable other school leaders to reflect upon and grow their own professional practice so that they too are able to deliver the high quality IB education of which I’m so proud to deliver at WIS. I have a growth and parity mind-set to development of the CP and DP and enjoy seeing both flourish in our diverse international school.

I’m focused on ensuring that quality care and guidance of students is at the heart of everything we do in Years 10-13. I strive to ensure that the needs of all of our learners are met at WIS and am relentless in my approach to creating opportunities for our students that may not exist in other schools in the UAE. I see the excellent curriculum provision of the iGCSE, GCSE and our IB programmes as being able to meet the bespoke needs of all learners and am proud to lead our Upper School at GEMS Wellington International School.

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