Alumni Scheme

At GEMS Wellington International School, our Upper School fully prepares all students for their future.

Students who study with us throughout Years 10- 13 already benefit from our high performance personalised teaching and curriculum. In addition our students:

  • Benefit from embedded academic and pastoral relationships which will support students throughout their time at GWIS and result in higher performance
  • Experience continuity through the Upper School tier of GWIS
  • Have an opportunity to be a Scholarship student in a range of categories resulting in 10% reduction of fees
  • Follow a World Class IB provision with a legacy of high achievement and entrance to prestigious universities
  • Continue in partnership with GWIS as an Alumni member
  • Have access to Elite Scholarships program for GEMS partnerships with Ivy League and Russell Group universities

We are delighted to offer those who complete Years 10-13 a 5% bursary on successful completion of the IB programme. The GWIS Alumni Scheme recognizes student’s achievements and hard work and supports their future choices.