At WIS, we use ClassCharts as a form of rewards for all students from FS to Year 13.


ClassCharts is an online platform that allows parents to view their child’s progress during the school day via a parent account. Students can also use the platform to review their own behaviour and use the points they have been awarded to purchase prizes at the end of each term via student account.


ClassCharts can be accessed via a browser such as Chrome or Safari or via an app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS and enables you to view records of behaviour, achievement points and announcements from the school. If you have more than one child in school, you can access Class Charts information about all your children from a single, centralised parent account.


Information document for students

Information document for parents


  • It is a really fun way to organise children’s behaviour. It motivates and encourages me to behave and show good behaviours as I can then use them for rewards. I like earning a non-uniform day.

    Cristiana Prodan


  • It makes me want to do my best as I know I can earn a reward at the end. I know what was good and what I did well. I like seeing when I get it for different things like creativity. I really enjoy getting ClassCharts points. It makes me feel like I’ve done really well.

    Aliz Matrai


  • I feel proud of myself when I get ClassCharts points so my mum and dad also see I am doing good learning.

    Vidyuth Deepak


  • You get awarded with points and then it makes you really happy!

    Zara Latif


  • It allows me to reflect on how good I have been and I really enjoy being able to buy items from the ClassCharts store with my points.

    Aum Phadnis


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