Welcome message from the Principal

Mrs. R Burke

Welcome to GEMS Wellington International School, a dynamic and vibrant learning community where students aged three to eighteen are engaged and challenged to reach their individual potential.  Our strong belief in the importance of children being happy in order to be truly successful permeates all we do; the broadening of interests and the development of personal qualities is an exceptional feature of school life here at GEMS Wellington International School.

Cultivating independence from an early age in our students, we ensure that all are encouraged in developing self-belief and high levels of motivation.  We pride ourselves on how well-equipped our students are in tackling and succeeding at every stage of their learning journey, here at GEMS Wellington International School and beyond, into further education and successful career choices.

High academic standards and appropriate pathways ensure that all students are immersed in learning programmes that will best meet their needs.  Our highly personalised approach to meeting all learners’ requirements is well-documented in external inspection reports, but it takes a school tour to really experience and observe this first hand in order to fully appreciate it.  The wealth and richness of our extra-curricular opportunities spanning academic, creative, sporting, leadership, musical and performance, is a notable feature of our provision.  Our school is alive from early morning to late at night with enrichment opportunities galore for our students.

The key element of GEMS Wellington International School’s success hinges on the participation of our parents.  As a child’s first teacher, the role that parents play in their child’s development is never underestimated.  With our open door policy and extensive programme to maximise parental engagement, you will be kept fully informed on your child’s progress and have opportunities to contribute and participate in your child’s school experience. 

At GEMS Wellington International School we care about every individual and pride ourselves on the warmth of our community in which all our students, parents and staff feel challenged, valued and successful.


Mrs R Burke