Payment Policies

Information about Payments, Refunds, Re-enrolments and Withdrawals

Tuition fees

All tuition fees are payable in advance of attendance.

Fees are in accordance with the fee structure established by GEMS under the guidance of KHDA’s established School Fee Framework.

Download KHDA's School Fees Framework

1. At the time of registration, the required documentation, fully completed should be submitted.

2. An application fee of AED 525 is payable at the time of registration which will result in your child being considered for a place at GEMS Wellington International School. 

3. Fees are payable within the first week of each term, and must be paid in full. Should a student join the school after the beginning of the school year, fees are charged from the date of the Offer Letter.

4. Tuition refunds follow the KHDA Bylaws for Private Education. Therefore, if a student withdraws or leaves school for any reason, the refunds will be processed as follows:

If a student attends school for 2 weeks or less, they will be charged one month’s tuition.

If a student attends school for more than 2 weeks and less than one month, they will be charged 2 months’ school fees.

If a student attends school for one month or more, they will be charged 3 months’ school fees.

Tuition will be refunded only after the parent or guardian has submitted the request in writing to the school admissions office. Tuition refunds are provided to the original payee.

The school management reserves the right to make any exceptions to the above policy for compassionate reasons, at their discretion. 

Payment of Fees

Upon receiving an offer letter a registration deposits a 10% of the total tuition fees. This will be required to secure a place. This fee is deductible from the first term fees.

Tuition fee invoices are sent to the fee sponsor on record and are due before the start of the year.  Payments can be paid in full or before the start of each term.  Please see Fees & Payments for amounts side column of this page.

Non-payment of Fees

Students may not be permitted to appear for the school examination if their fees are not paid.  Failure to pay tuition fees may result in:

  • loss of the student’s place in the school
  • withholding of their school reports, references, and/or examination results
  • temporary or permanent expulsion or exclusion from school

Payment Method

All forms of payment methods are accepted and can be made by in person at the GEMS Wellington International School, or wire transfer directly to the school bank account.  Information regarding the wire transfers and online payments can be found on the side column of this page.


A 'TC request' must be submitted online through your parent portal to formally notify the school your child will be leaving. There is a fee of AED 120 for all students transferring within Dubai to another school, or outside of the Emirate. 


In order to secure the seat for the next academic year, parents will be asked to pay a re-registration deposit, 5% of the annual school fee will be requested, which is non-refundable, but adjustable against the first term fees. Please note, students who are unable to be registered with the KHDA due to missing required documentation, or students with an outstanding fee balance, will not be able to be re-register for the next academic year.