Remote Learning with Miss Sophie Gathercole

History and Politics Teacher & Head of Year 12

Every Saturday, I sit down and plan what I’m going to teach the following week and make resources for my lessons. Despite there being such great change in the world, this feature of my diary has remained constant.

I became a teacher because I wanted to inspire children to love learning as much as I do and to encourage them to embrace a learning journey throughout their lives, long after they have left the school building. It is my hope that all of my students will know more than they did yesterday and be highly skilled and adept at applying their knowledge in real world contexts. In the classroom, I teach these skills through challenging tasks, collaborative teams and targeted questioning which encourages children to think.

Since the middle of March, I have been looking at how I can do this when each student is not directly in front of me and I have found so many amazing tools which allow the same ambitions. Now, my classroom looks slightly different to the one I’m used to and I have my living room taking up space which would normally be filled with children and my pen pot is a water glass; but, with creativity, resilience and determination, I have everything I need. 

When we return to school, I’m looking forward to being able to use the new platforms I have embraced during remote learning as some promise to remain a feature of my classroom. I cannot wait to see the students and how resilient and independent they have become as they have taken ownership of their learning on our remote journey. It is only when life throws us challenges, we can see who we really are and what we can do; we will all be stronger, more knowledgeable and far more resilient after remote learning and this is a very exciting adventure to look ahead to.

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