Remote Learning With Miss Claire Smith

Art Teacher

Remote Learning has been a time to learn new and innovative ways to deliver my lessons and WIS students have taken incredibly well to the process. Interactive lessons have enabled debate, risk taking and plenty of challenge, which students at WIS absolutely love! The period has developed my teaching even further and I look forward to heading back into the classroom to continue to use some of the awesome platforms used during Remote Learning. Nearpod is an outstanding platform to use, as it allows the whole class to participate whilst allowing the teacher to formatively assess student progress. Jam board, Padlet, Screencastify, and iMovie are just a few applications used to make Remote Learning, a special and very rewarding time for students and teachers. I have seen some wonderfully creative pieces of work and this has inspired students to push the boundaries in terms of work created and showcasing their knowledge on topics covered. Google classroom has also been another great way to communicate with students to share great work produced and furthermore, build a celebratory atmosphere even though we are learning remotely.  Thank you to WIS students and parents for making this time so rewarding for me as a WIS teacher!

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