Miss Amira Aladhal

Mathematics Teacher

To date the remote learning experience has been one of challenge, inspiration and ultimately success. The impromptu transition from teaching in a classroom to online was a journey that I entered into with fear and many unknowns; will students log-on? Will they submit good quality work? Can it still be fun? Will they still be able to follow my examples and most importantly take the lead in their learning? Day 1 and my fears were displaced. Students were online and eager to learn and I have been inspired by the tenacious attitude they have shown towards their education. One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a teacher is the privilege of seeing my students learn and progress, and over the past weeks I have seen them do so in more ways than just their Mathematics. It has not been an easy transition but I am confident that we are all coming out of this experience with strength we never knew we had and skills that will further enhance our learning journeys. 

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