EEE- Explore, Enrich, Excite

Internal Activities

We operate a fully inclusive extra-curricular provision across all phases of the school through our Explore, Enrich, Excite program (EEE) where all our students have access to a wide range of activities before, during and after school. Over 200 clubs and opportunities are offered as part of our EEE provision that is split into five domains (STEM, Creative, Language and Literature, Music and Performing Arts and Wellbeing), this enables students who have a variety of different interests to choose a bespoke provision that best suits their individual needs, remaining consistent with the values, attitudes and attributes of the High-Performance Learning program inside and outside of the classroom.

Running alongside this is our vastly expanding Sports provision that includes elite squads, school sports teams and developmental teams ensuring that a focus on skills-based provision enables those aspiring for school representation are expertly coached and mentored by our internal and external sports specialists. 

Our WISdom academic tutoring program in Years 11-13 guarantees that a rigorous and robust academic provision is provided to students of all performance levels meaning that students develop a rich sense of holistic support in their studies throughout the academic year.

Our links with TEDx, Model United Nations, Harvard Project Zero, and the World Scholars Cup provide the links to global interests, initiatives and projects. Over 100 students are successfully taking part in our Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme from Bronze to Gold level developing the communication, leadership and service skills necessary to support both university and career aspirations. 

Finally, our links with Arts Ed Performing Arts School in London (UK) ensures those who have aspiring talents in Music, Art and Drama are recognised to their full potential with three, week-long intensive camps offered to students across the school year, culminating with a show for parents at the end of the week. Those who show elite level talent in this area are eligible for the Arts Ed Scholarship.  

The EEE five categories:

STEM, Creative, Music and Performing Arts, Language and Literacy, Well-being

These activities run for Years 1-4, Years 5-9 and Years 10-13.These are teacher-led, within school and free of cost.

Year 11 and 13 WISDOM Project

At GEMS Wellington International School we uphold the highest possible standards in learning and teaching. Every interaction between a student and a teacher, or between students, which is designed to develop understanding or aid academic progress, is an intervention. This occurs daily in and outside of the classroom with the understanding that each student leaves our school with the skills to be a lifelong learner. In order for this to be established and maintained, students will need support in many different ways. One of those support channels is The WISDOM Project, designed to drive and monitor individual performance across a range of subjects.

Year 11 and 13 students will be invited to the subject sessions as per their individual needs. This timetable will be published separately to the Triple E for students and parents.

30 x 30 Initiative

Our talented Year 11 student, Mustafa Syed produced this fantastic video of our Sports Leaders taking part in the Dubai Fitness Challenge in the desert as part of the Dubai 30x30 initiative. Each year, WIS takes the pledge and participates in 30 minutes of activities over 30 days. 


Our Facilities

GEMS Wellington International School has been outfitted with the very pinnacle of educational and extra curricular facilities.


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