Wellington Learner Profile

Wellington Learner Profile

Every pupil will become a Wellington Learner’

Wellington Learners are:

  • Collaborators
  • Questioners
  • Resilient
  • Independent
  • Creative
  • Reflective

This document below sets out the six learning attributes that we aim to foster in all of our students during their time at Wellington. 

GEMS Wellington International School Learner Profile

To develop the attributes we use a variety of strategies when planning and delivering lessons. The approach puts thinking at the heart of our teaching and learning, encouraging pupils to THINK collaboratively, inquisitively (questioning), resiliently (mental toughness), independently, creatively, and reflectively. The Design Thinking element develops collaborative innovators and facilitates pupils to develop a process for producing creative solutions to complex challenges. The Learner Profile Toolkit includes a range of good practice from our highly professional teaching team.

We frequently aim to further increase the amount of outstanding teaching within the school by disseminating excellent practice, developing students' creativity and nurturing highly effective independent learning.

In addition, when selecting tools, we ensure that the DSIB’s requirements for the quality of students’ learning skills is always embedded:

  • Students’ engagement in and responsibility for their own learning
  • Students’ interactions and collaboration
  • Application of learning to the real world and making connections between areas of learning
  • Enquiry, research and critical thinking skills, including use of ICT

At GEMS Wellington International School, learning is fun, relevant and motivating.  Our approach is a synthesis of innovative practice and educational research from around the world. Parents are actively engaged as true partners in their students learning to ensure success for all as lifelong learners.

Child empowered learning is at the centre of Early Years practice at GWIS. Based on the Early Years Foundation Stage philosophy, learning opportunities are carefully structured through class time and free flow sessions to allow students to learn in a style suitable to them. Our learning zones allow students to develop their confidence, independence and investigative skills through carefully structured play activities.

Progressing into primary years, we continue to place learning at the centre of everything that we do. We encourage and challenge the learning of skills, knowledge and understanding through our exciting creative curriculum. This links learning across all subjects and experiences in the world around us. Learning at Wellington happens in and beyond the classroom and is designed to use specific challenges to enable/empower students to develop their skills and understanding of themselves as learners. Our focus on the Learner Profile ensures that all of our students are leaders in the development of attributes required for lifelong learning.

The Learner Profile continues to be at the core of learning and teaching within the primary and secondary school. Through split screen planning and an emphasis upon a problem centered approach, teachers design lessons that allow students to investigate and solve problems. A heavy emphasis is placed upon developing key learning skills in addition to subject content. We aim to help students develop into independent and empathetic learners who are fully prepared for the rigors of the GCSE and IBDP programs as well as the world beyond school.