Examination Results for 2017

Examination Information for 2016/2017 Academic Year

GCSE Results


2016 Results

2017 Results

A*-C grades (all)






5A*-C grades



5A*-C grades including English & Maths




98% of students achieved an A*-C grade in both their English and Maths

8% of students achieved a grade 9 in the newly reformed English qualification

67% of students achieved an A*/A in Maths

Our top achiever was Akshit Goel, who achieved 11 A* grades, 1 A grade and a grade 9 in English.

Akshit was the highest achiever across all GEMS schools

IB Results

  2016 Statistics 2017 Statistics
Number of Diploma Candidates 63 84
Number of Diploma Candidates passed 63 84
% pass rate 100% 100%
Average points score 35.5 35.5
ALIS points score 30 29.3
World average points score 30 29.9
Highest points score 45 44
Average core points 1.9 1.9
% students achieving 30+ 90.40% 92.80%
% students achieving 35+ 58.70% 57.10%
% students achieving 40+ 20.60% 19%
Number of level 7s 72 88
Average subject grade 5.58 5.61

2017 University Destinations

  • The GWIS class of 2017 achieved some of the best IB results in the UAE – paving the path for many of our students to secure places at many of the top universities in the world

  • We have 58 students who will study at universities in the UK, 17 in the USA, 13 in Europe, 6 in Canada, 5 in Australia and 9 students who will study elsewhere in the world, including three in the UAE

  • Celine Charles (43 points) is studying Film Production and Management at Marymount Manhattan College, New York

  • Natalia Nooufal (43 points) joined University College London completing 1 Year Biochemistry and has now been accepted at Imperial College London to study Medicine starting September 2018

  • Parin Parikh (43 points) is studying Hospitality Management  at Emirates Academy of Hospitality

  • Ivan Szergyuk (43 points) has joined the Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland where he will complete a medical degree

  • Nathan Sharples won a place at Loughborough University (UK) where he will study International Business, joining Abdullah Almulhim who will be studying Financial Management

  • Our Head Boy and Girl (2016-2017), Christian Sintoni and Assiyah Patel will continue their studies at King’s College, London along with four other GWIS students: Saif Abduelah, Iman Alikhan, Sarah Branson and Inseya Ali

  • Our students will be following an incredibly diverse range of courses, such as Accountancy, Dentistry, History, Fashion and Business, Psychology, Comparative Politics, Film and TV, International Business, Veterinary Science, Computer Science, International Relations, Fine Art, Electrical Engineering and Law. We wish all of our students the best of luck in their future studies.

List Of University Destinations for 2016/2017 Academic Year